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What is a Bladder Diary? Why a Bladder Diary is Important? What is a UroFlow Test? What is the iUFlow Bladder Monitoring device?

Frequently asked Questions

What is iUFlow? What does it do?

iUFlow is automated bladder diary system consists of the iUFlow device (picture above) that sits on the toilet bowl, and the iUFlow app.
Using the device and app you can easily monitor your bladder activity and log accurately micturition volumes, frequency and flow rates.

You can also use the app independently of the iUFlow device. In this case you have to manually enter the volume voided into the app.

How do I contact support?

You are welcome to contact us, our contact details are below.

Can I access the iUFlow Manual online?

Sure. It is here – iUFlow Manual.

iUFlow Device
How do I clean my iUFlow?

There is no need to clean the iUFlow during the period of use. However, we do recommend that once session is over; use the rinsing container and pour water into the iUFlow device to rinse.

What if other household members want to use the toilet when the iUFlow is there?

No. Other household members can not urinate into the iUFlow.

How do I know it's accurate?

Your iUFlow device uses cutting-edge technology to measure and log bladder activity, giving it superior accuracy.

Where do I get the iUFlow device from?

In order to get the iUFlow please contact us or check the purchase options.

iUFlow App
What mobile devices are compatible with iUFlow Device?

iUFlow supports iOS 8 or later and Android 5 (Lollipop) and above. The mobile devices that officially compatible are listed here

What are iUFlow reminders and how do they work?

During the use of the iUFlow app and in order to make a detailed and full bladder diary, you’ll get reminders to fill out the drinks and outputs. You can set this option on/off and also set the preferred time gaps for the reminders.
The default is every 3 hours during daytime.

How do I send the completed bladder diary to my doctor?

You can see the bladder diary in any stage of use, just tap the Diary button in the home screen. When the diary is completed you can send it by email to anyone you like by using the envelope button in the Diary screen.

Where my data is stored? What if I want to delete my data?

The only data collected during your use of the iUFlow device and app is the data you can see on the Diary screen and the information you entered when signed up. This data is saved on your smartphone/tablet and once the app is removed the data will be lost.
You can email your Diary data by tapping the envelop icon on the Diary screen and click send on your email program. Make sure that you receive the data before removing the app.

How does iUFlow protect my privacy?

The data collected on your smartphone/tablet is protected. Only people who get physical access to your device can read the stored information.
Privacy Statement

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